Foundation walls of stone, 16 inches thick, built up even with the principal floor joist Superstruction to be framed work, 4 by 4 inch studs, and can be covered with weather boards, or ceiled with planed and matched boards; the latter most preferable; the boards to be put on horizontally. The roof is covered with inch boards and shingled ; gutters made of tin ; the piazzas and balconies supported with brackets. The railings are of 1 1/4 inch boards, with ornamental work sawed out, the lines running perpendicular. The faceure of the cornices are made of inch boards sawed out, as seen in the plan. The interior finish of the building should be quite plain; doors four panelled, casings about six inches wide, finished with a bevelled band. Plastering, in principal story of the main part, should be three coat work, the remainder two. The estimated cost of the design will not exceed twelve hundred dollars.

It may not be out of place here to mention the necessity of distributing the exterior ornamental work on all sides of the building; and not, as is done in a great many instances, concentrate them to the front exclusively.

Construction #1

This cottage may be built of brick, or what is much better, of rough undressed blue stone, with the trimmings (that is the quoins, window and door latrels, etc.) of freestone, or of granite half-dressed; either will give a sufficient variety of color.

The verge-boards should be cut from two inch and a half plank, and, with the other ornamental details of wood, painted a warm brown or some other neutral color, harmonizing with the stone trimmings.

The chimney tops are a plain pattern of Terra Cotta, 5 feet high, costing at the agent's office in New York about $5 25 each. (Owing to an error of the draughtsman only one stack of chimneys is shown in the elevation, where there should be two).