Having often experienced the inconvenience of being obliged to refer from one book to another for a description of the composts suitable for different flowers, I have collected some of the most approved together, thinking they might be useful to many of your readers. I send them for your insertion. Carnations: 1. Two-thirds fresh loam; one-third rotten frame-dung, with a little sand, 2. One-half loam; one-half rotten frame-dung, with a little sand. 3. Five-sixths of No. 1 or No. 2; one-sixth leaf-mould, good for Picotees. 4. One-third loam; one-third peat; one-third two-year-old cow dung. Ranunculuses and Anemones: Two-thirds loam; one-third rotten cow-dung. Dahlias and Narcissus Loam well manured. Hyacinths: 1. One-third sea or river sand; .one-third loam; one-fourth rotten cow-dung; one-twelfth leaf-mould. 2. Two-sixths gray sand; two-sixths well-rotted cow-dung; one-sixth tanners' bark, quite rotted; one-sixth tree leaves, well rotted. Pinks: Two-thirds loam; one-third two-year-old cow-dung. Tulips: Good sound loam.

Auriculas: 1, One barrowful of loam; one barrowful of leaf-mould; one barrowful of old frame-dung; one barrowful of two-year-old cow-dung; one peck of river sand. 2. Two barrowfuls of sandy loam; one barrowful of leaf-mould; one barrowful of two-year-old cow-dung. 3. One-half rotten cow-dung; one-sixth loam; one-eighth leaf-mould; one-twelfth sand; one-twenty-fourth decayed willow wood; one-twenty-fourth peat; one-twenty-fourth ashes of burnt vegetables. Polyanthuses: 1. One barrowful of sandy loam; one peck of leaf-mould; one peck of old cow-dung. 2. One barrowful of well-rotted cow-dung, or leaf-mould; one-half barrowful of white sand; two barrowfuls of good loam. Heartsease: Three barrowfuls of fresh loam; one barrowful of one-year-old horse-dung; one peck of sand. - D. Pearce, Wakefield, England.