California exhibits, at the present moment, the most marked difference between the Anglo-Saxon and the Spanish race and habits. A fair on a grand scale has been held at Sacramento, and the California Farmer discourses of fruit in a style which must silence some boastful exhibitors among us. On one sprig of a pear-tree was a cluster of twelve large pears; on another, a stem five feet long, were no less than thirty magnificent peaches, some of which measured seven inches in circumference. Double musk and water-melons, monster pumpkins, 185 pounds in weight; a Newtown pippin, 15 inches by 14 inches; lemon oranges 19 inches; seedling peaches a foot in circumference; Hovey's strawberries, four inches in circumference; stalks of corn twenty feet in length, and so on, were some of their trophies. It speaks, too, of parks six miles square, presenting the appearance of a magnificent English domain, the handiwork principally of nature. What a variety of climate our people have to enjoy; cultivation embraces every soil and latitude.

When shall we receive specimens of California productions over a good railroad?