This is a new variety, originating with Mr. Charles Carpenter, of Kelly Island. • The tree is a strong, healthy grower, producing annually and abundantly. It is not above second-rate as an eating apple, but is an admirable keeper, and excellent for cooking from November to May. As an eating apple in May and Jnne, it has, however, at the time, few superiors. It is new; never before named or described.

Fruit, above medium, roundish, flattened, oblique. Skin, rather rough, rich lemon yellow, deepening in sun; often a ruddy, rich, red cheek, and thickly dotted with small gray dots, apparently raised upon the surface. Stem, varying; sometimes thick, short, and stout, again medium in length and size. Cavity, open, deep, regular. Calyx, large, open. Segments, five, distinct, long, reflexed. Bonn, deep, round, regular, slightly furrowed. Flesh, yellowish-white, crisp, breaking, juicy, sharp, subacid. Core, medium, compact. Seeds, long, ovate, pointed. Season, February to May.