FEW of those who visit the Central Park are really aware of the many gems of scenery and architectural ornament contained within it. They pass through it too hastily, and go over only the broader and more commonly frequented paths. If you will spare the time, and step aside into by-paths, and oyer the vine-covered rocks, or shrubby knolls the pleasure-seeker will find some choice bits of scenery, rustic bridges, pools, fountains, waterfalls, and the most exquisite of verdured copses. The Lake naturally affords the best water views, and gathering around its shores are a hundred beautiful, but varying sketches of scenery, or specimens of bridges and rustic work; one of these, a charming view of a. boat-house on the lake just west of the Central bridge, is illustrated this month in our frontispiece. There are five or six other boat-houses of picturesque outlines, scattered around the Lake, as well as several broader landings near the terrace at the head of the Mall. The Lake, as seen on some bright summer day, with gaily decorated boats, flags of brilliant colors fluttering in the breeze, and graceful swans sailing with dignified and measured strokes, and the shores and surrounding paths lined with happy visitors, make a picture of rare rural beauty.

We shall continue the publication of other Central Park sketches, frequently, the coming year.