"What are the best methods of cultivation, and which are the best varieties of the currant for cultivation?"

Mr. Barry's opinion being asked in regard to currants, said he had nothing to offer particularly new or instructive. The currant needed plenty of manure and shortening one-third, or thereabouts, of the bearing branches. The White Grape and Victoria he considered the beat currants. The Versailluise is said to be as large as Cherry, and of better quality. The Cherry is large, quite acid, but is not a shy bearer, as it has been called sometimes, if properly treated.

H. E. Hooker thought for market purposes the Cherry was the best currant; its fine size and appearance make it sell well. It is the most popular variety with the growers around New York.

Mr. Ainsworth found the Cherry Currant very productive, far superior in this respect to White Grape or Victoria. It also hangs on the bushes a long time after ripening.

The best Black Currant for cultivation was inquired for, when Mr. Barry said there was little difference between the Black English and Black Naples, and Mr. Hooker thought the Black Naples the most productive.

At about 10 o'clock P. M., after voting that the Annual Meeting should be held in Roches-ter, the Society adjourned.