[Greek, Leukos, white, and Anthemon, a flower; in reference to its white rays].

Heads many-flowered; rays pistillate, numerous. Involucre spreading, broad and nearly flat, - the scales imbricated, with scarious margins. Receptacle flat or somewhat convex, naked. Tube of the disk-florets fleshy, obcompressed, and slightly 2-winged. Akenes of the disk and ray similar, subterete, striate, destitute of pappus. Perennial herbs. Leaves alternate, mostly pin-pnatifid or incised-dentate. Beads rather large, solitary and terminal 1. L. vulga're, Lam. Stem erect, somewhat branched; leaves laciniately incised or pinnati-fid-dentate, - the cauline ones sessile and somewhat clasping - the radical ones obovate-spatu-late, petiolate; scales of the involucre with narrow russet-brown margins.

Daisy #1

From A. Hame & Son, Red Bank, N. J., we were favored, this spring, with a plant of a new Daisy for in-door or greenhouse culture. It is short, stout, very vigorous, and has numerous flower stalks, with flowers of red and white, and seems to be perfectly healthy, and an excellent addition. The origin is unknown.