The following are now in season, (last week of February):

St. Germain, Old

With me this variety has been very much better than I have had it before.

My specimens are of a beautiful yellow color, without the slightest blotch or speck of any kind; and they have ripened off to perfect mellowness in the cellar, though I find it improves the flavor to be in a temperature of 60°, or thereabouts, for ten days before being brought on the table.

Belle Connaiss, Or Eliza De Heyst

K fair, handsome, pale-colored, roundish Pear, of the family of Bergamots, just now in season; but specimens have been ripening occasionally all winter. This is a melting, good Pear, somewhat gritty at the core. The tree grows well, and bears profusely; and, therefore, I think this variety will soon appear in the catalogues, and become better known. It is a Belgium Pear, of not very recent introduction. Last year I had specimens of Bergamot Sugeret, which I thought identical with this variety.

Josephine De Moline

My specimens of this variety were last season finer than ever before, and I think more than favorably of it Only a few early gathered ones are yet fit for use, but these are melting, juicy and delicious. It is a tip-top keeper, being now as fair and firm as in November; and I have no doubt will remain so till April, at least. This, also, is a very productive sort; and if it prove so good as I now believe it will, the orchardists must turn their attention to it.

Easter Beurré

This, I maintain, is the prince of winter Pears, a as late keeper; as the Beurré &Arsmberg is, for early winter up to New Year's day. It is of the largest size; ripens perfectly in my cellar, either in boxes or on shelves; keeps till April; and is as buttery, juicy and deliones are yet as sound as ever, and jnst beginning to color. On the Quince this Pear is all that can be desired, and I can not do wrong in advising orchardists to plant it on the largest scale. Ten acres, containing 1,000 trees, would, at eight or ten years after planting, be sure to yield a net income of $2,000 or $3,000. The tree is a great bearer, and, though a moderate grower when young, acquires vigor with age.

Doyenne D'Hiver D'Alencon

This is another long keeper, not generally so large as the Easter Beurré, but fair and handsome, and ripens off to complete excellence in the spring. The tree is of very robust growth, and productive.

Farther notes hereafter. Genesee.