One of the most beautiful exhibitions at Ellwanger & Barry's, are the crab-apples on dwarf stocks. No lemon-tree could be more superb. The Large Yellow, of which we shall give a colored drawing, is of surpassing elegance; the Large Bed, Yellow Siberian, and Golden Beauty, should be cultivated in every garden; and the little French Lady apple is ornamental and productive. But I must leave this grand exhibition of fruit, declaring it more encouraging than the finest collection ever brought together in a room. Here is the place to study and admire fruit-culture. The great scale on which everything is done, and the almost universal success in each department, is a means of education seen nowhere else in this or any country.

Acres of White Currant bushes scarcely supply the increasing demand for this popular fruit.

Peaches have failed this season in northern New York, and watermelons we remarked are very small, so that there is compensation iu everything. The stock of young peach-trees is tempting for orchard-house builders.

Of Grapes, Ellwanger & Barry have a superior stock, and Bissell & Salter, Frost & Co., H. . Hooker & Co., all, it seemed to us, might supply any reasonable demand in every branch of fruit-culture. Ellwanger & Barry have, say 4000 fine Delaware plants, and so forth; Bissell & Salter, two houses quite full, as well as the other varieties, including Logan, etc., etc., etc. Ellwanger & Barry have also the new varieties recommended for orchard-houses. The mode in which grape-vines are preserved in winter, reminds one of the summer operations of cloth merchants; after the wood is ripened they are piled away on shelves in cellars, and orders can be filled very easily and rapidly. We saw thus, a few thousand Rebecca vines; from this the reader may judge of their stock.