A hardy perennial, of procumbent habit. Stems and branches woody. Leaves oval or obovate, crenate, dark green on the upper surface; covered below with pure white down. Petioles short, stipulate, downy, tinged with red. Stipules subulate. Scape terminal, one-flowered, downy, with a single awl-shaped bract near the middle. Calyx deeply divided into seven or nine acutely ovate, membranaceous segments, clothed on the back with purple, viscid hairs. Petals equal in number, and alternating with the calyx divisions; broadly elliptical, with a short claw, bright yellow. Stamens numerous, with long hairy filaments. Styles also hairy, persistent, and becoming elongated in fruit.

A very beautiful alpine plant, but also rare; being, indeed, seldom seen beyond botanical establishments. It is well suited for shady parts of a rockery; and flowers more profusely, and longer in duration, in such a situation, than in pots, or in a more exposed position. The compost it prefers is light, sandy loam about one part, with two parts of peat or leaf mould. In pots it must be thoroughly drained, and protected from the autumn rains. The long feathery styles, adhering to the ripe seeds, give an interesting and a graceful appearance to the heads of fruit.