This is the best for winter keeping. It makes a large, solid, and flat head. If sown the last week in May, it will be in use from November, and may be preserved through the winter as follows: When it is apprehended that the winter is going to Bet in (but not sooner), dig up the whole, leave the roots and stems attached, but pull off any decayed leaves;. convey them to a dry spot; place them nearly close together, with the heads downwards, on the ground level, so as to form a bed about five feet wide. Outside of this, all around, sink a trench, and throw the soil taken out of this (after breaking it up well with the spade) amongst them, so as to cover the heads completely, and if the winter be very severe, throw over the top any kind of litter, to keep out the frost. As they may be wanted for use, they may be drawn out by the stalks, and will be found fresh, and as good as when first buried. Where there is the convenience of an open shed for this purpose, it is still better, as the rains and snow of winter are prevented from penetrating the soil; but if put up in a close cellar, the Cabbages are subject to rot, and lose the proper flavor.