Some Easter Beurre pears, shipped from California to London, arrived in good condition and were put on exhibition in the shop windows of Covent Garden. They were pronounced by connoisseurs, in regard to quality, as decidedly superior to that of either English or French fruit of the same variety, "Easter Beurre.'* The flavor was considered as very fine, and the flesh of a more even and tender texture than that of European grown fruit.

This opinion is very singular, as the fruit growers of the Atlantic coast States will not admit that the flavor of California or Pacific coast fruits is as fine, sprightly or consistency as juicy as their own.

As we have tasted fruits on both sides of the Continent, it is fair and honest for us to express the candid judgment that the California pears or peaches cannot rival in flavor or color those of Delaware or Central New York. But we make one exception, viz., the Easter Beurre, which, shipped to New York and eaten in its prime, is far more delicious than the same sort raised on the Atlantic coast. The long season in California develops it finely, but our season is not long enough.