The three last numbers of this journal, unrivalled for the beauty of its illustrations, contain figures of the following new plants superbly drawn and colored: Lalia purpurata; Dircaea blassii; Mandevillea suaveolens; Dendrobium bigibbum; Correa cardinalis; Pentapterygium flavum; Primula rosea; Salvia Boliviana; Bulbocodium verum; Dianthus sinensis, varietates; Wistaria frutescens, var. Magnifica - quite an acquisition; Barbacenia hybrides; Colchipum variegatum; Salvia splendens, var. Souoheti; Thalictrum aneminoides, var. flore pleno; Fuchsia, var. Rosea; Azalea Indica, var. Beaute d'Europe; Cypripedium purpuratum; Hibiscus marmoratus; Tropaeolum azureum grandiflorum; Pansies, Imperatrice Eugenie and Leonidas; Stenanthera pinifolia; and Ioohora Warsoewiczii. We wish we could impart all of their beauty to these pages.

Of the new Wistaria frutescens, var. Magnifica, the Flore says: "For more than a century before the introduction of the Glycine of China, Europe possessed the American species, now named Wistaria frutescens, of which the present is a hybrid variety, raised from seed by M. Delaville, Sen., gardener near Clermont (Oise). The flowers are borne in graceful clusters, of a pale lilac, with a yellow spot. It is said to exceed others in the abundance of its bloom, which makes its appearance towards the close of Jane. The readiest method of propagating it is by grafting".

Flore Des Serres #1

The long delayed Flore des Serres, (No. 133) has reappeared. Of original figures it contains Salvia tricolor, a Mexican under-shrub with white flowers having a red lip; Rhododendron Brookeanum; figures of 20 Gourds, with a long though abridged account of the varieties of that race, by M. Naudin; Solatium capskastrum, a small half-hardy Brazilian shrub, with globular orange-colored berries giving it quite the appearance of a little orange bush; a fine curled white Chinese Azalea with red stripes, called Alexander II; Cypripedium Fairieanum; and a magnificent looking white hexangular Camellia, called the Vergine di Colle Beato.