Mr. Philips, writing from Edwards' Depot* Miss., says: 41 Have not bad rain on centre of plantation enough to wet bottom of furrow since 22d April. There has stood at 105 deg. in my piazza, and generally at 98 to over 100 deg. Never thus before. Tie thermometer is not correct by four degrees, yet is the same, and on same nail for years. I have three others, all show same degree in comparison of elevation. My plantation extends from river bank (Big Black) to creek bank, (14 miles - Baker's Creek on maps,) my house about midway of plantation. While we have pretty good showers on the river - again on the creek - none here for good. Health of country good.*'

We shall hereafter devote a portion of ©or time to outside business, such as laying out and improving grounds, vineyards, orchards, etc the construction of greenhouses, graperies, etc., and preparing plana We can also be consulted in reference to the selection of grape-vines, trees, shrubs, etc., at a moderate charge.

Drought #1

In New York and its vicinity we are suffering from a long-continued drought. Newly planted trees have felt its effects sadly, and many, growing crops begin to suffer. We are looking wishfully for rain.