This is the most important month in the year in this department, as the beauty or otherwise of the arrangement for the summer and autumn depends on the time and manner of planting.

Lawns - It is not too late to increase the vigor of the turf by giving a dressing, sowed broadcast, of salt and guano, at the rate of two hundred of the former to one of the latter per acre; the grass will not burn up so soon after this dressing, but the best managed lawn, unless it is frequently watered will not continue green and fresh through our hot summer, but by careful management may be kept fresher than is often seen. We noticed some beautiful green turf in the neighborhood of Boston, after a very dry summer.

Verbenas - If not already planted no time should be lost in doing so, also Chrysanthemums and Carnations for lifting in autumn for winter flowering in-doors; there is nothing gained by planting out tender plants before the 20th of the month, and if it is very dry with cold nights it is better postponed for a few days later; if the plants are well looked after for water and not kept too warm and tender, they will take to the ground better by waiting a few days than if exposed to a dry cutting wind when first planted. Where there is but a moderate quantity to plant, it is generally possible to pick a still, damp or dull day when there is promise of rain.