The officers of the American Pomological Society have done wisely, by addressing a circular to its members, soliciting suggestions as to the conduct of its future meetings. As it is probable that at the next meeting of the society, there will be a large attendance, they ask any one interested in its welfare and success, to send them any suggestions as to system or order of daily business. If there are any items which they wish discussed, they will name them distinctly; and also how much time should be occupied over each.

At previous meetings of the society, a majority of the time of the session has been spent in discussing only one or two topics, while others have been hastily passed over, which deserved more than a passing glance. We remind the American Pomological Society, that there is a greater interest now prevalent in horticultural circles, concerning gardening, flowers, and ornamental planting, than there is in fruits only. The fever for fruits has been passed (at least here in the East, if not in the West), and we hold the opinion, that the greatest good the American Pomological Society can do, at its next meeting, is to devote ample space and time to a discussion of ornamental trees, shrubs, vines, and new plants, as well as the varieties on its fruit list. If the present character of the business and purpose of the American Pomological Society, does not permit these topics, then we advocate their incorporation hereafter. The society should be even with the times, not behind it.