This Society held its first exhibition on the 11th of May. It consisted principally, of plants from green-houses and nurseries, the season being too backward for mnny other productions. Hyacinths of unusual size and beauty were shown, showing that culture is only necessary to perfect this early and beautiful flower.

Ellwanger & Bakry exhibited fine specimens of Rhododendron Catawbiemi, Cinerarias, (including some tine seedlings,) Azaleas, Trrpeolum tricolorum grandiflo-rum. six varieties Crown Imperials, thirty varieties Hyacinths, Ac. sec.

Charles A. Ryan, Rochester and Charlotte Plonkroad Nurseries, exhibited large specimens of Spiresipruuiiolia fllore pleno, Petunia Prince of Wales, Ac. Extra fine Roses, La Keiue, Madam Bosanquel, Pactolus, Grnndi flora, Herraosa, Ac. Verbenas, Keiue d'Jour, Defiance, Anacreon, etc. Cinerarias, Beauty of Newingion, Ceru-lea perfecta, Ac, and a large collection of Hyacinths, Narcissus, and Crown Imperials.

Hi* Spires pruniflora was in beautiful flower, and is perfectly hardy in our climate - and his Petunias were very large in blossom, and perfect.

Verbenas he had of different sorts, growing in rude boxes, and their brilliant colors were well blended.

John Donnelax, of Hamford's Landing, exhibited the finest Petunias - the largest and moat splendid flowers ever shown here of that kind. Large White, Biauca, Barou Prevosl, Enchantress; as also 10 varieties of Verbenas, with Roses, Pelargoniums and Carnations, l>csides two beautiful hand bouquets, of choice flowers, made up by Mrs. Robert Doiuielau.

A. Frost & Co., exhibited fine specimens of Japonica Cryploinerin, and standard Roses.

John Donnelan exhibited well grown Palestine I/et-tuce, Rose and Yellew Turnip Radishes, and a new variety lately from China, besides Giant Rhubarb, tender and long, and Asparagus.

C. F. Crossman exhibted Victoria Rhubarb, Asparagn*, Early short and long Green Cucumbers, and Cabbage Head Leuuce.

Mr. C. F. Van Doobn, (prist.)exhibited a collection of fruits painted in oil, giving fuiihful pictures of the Northern Spy, Red Canada, and Baldwin Apples. They were much admired.

Specimen* in perfect keeping, were shown of the Northern Spy Apple, by J. H. Watts, which vied strongly in fragrance with the flowers in the Hall.

Exhibitions are to held frequently, and that for Roses take* place 19th June.

Under the auspices of the recently elected President, Mr. P. Babrt, the Society will prove an important auxiliary in increasing the interest already taken in the production of Flowers and Fruits. J. H. Watts. Rochester, May 13, 1852.

The officers of this Society for the present year are as follows. P. Parry, of Rochester, President. Matthew G. Wsrner, of Rochester, John J. Thomas, of Macedon, Henry P. Norton, of Brock port, R. G. Pardee, of Palmyra, and John Doiuielau, of Greece, Vice-President*. Le-ander Wetherel of" Rochester, Corresponding Secretary. Joseph A. Eastman, of Rochester, Recorduig Secretary. James H. Watts, of Rochester, Treasurer.