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Nine Thousand to Ten Thousand NEW WORDs in the Vocabulary.

Table of SYNONYMS, by Prof. Goodrich.

Table giving PRONUNCIATION OF NAMEs of 8000 distinguished persons of modern times.

Peculiar use of WORDs AND TERMs IN TEE BIBLE. With other new features, together with all the matter of previous editions.


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1 - :In Amount Of Matter

It contains one-sixth more than any other published.

2 - In Its Vocabulary

It contains Many Hundred living, current words not found in any other Dictionary.

3-In Its Definitions

"Webster is the best Defining Dictionary." - N. Y. Observer, and general testimony.

4 - In Its Etymology

"On this ground it stands not only unrivaled, but alone." - North American Review.

6 - In Pronunciation

"Is received as supreme authority for the origin, spelling, pronunciation, meaning and use of words by seven-eighths of the people of the United States." - Five Principals of Academies in Washington, April, I860.

6 - In Orthography

"It is almost universally recognized in our schools as the standard of orthography and pronunciation." - H. H. Van Dyck, Superintendent Public Instruction State of New York. "Its Orthography has gradually come to be settled upon as authoritative by a large majority of American authors and publishers. - Washington Evening Star, April, 1860.

7. - In Synonyms

We regard this last monograph by Prof. Goodrich [the Synonyms in Webster's Pictorial] as the best on the subject" - Prof. Gibbs, in the New Englander for May. - Prof. G. is as good an authority on this point as any in the United States.

8 - In Pictorial Illustrations

"The eighty pages of Illustrations, comparable in fineness to those of Bank Notes, are worth the price of the book." - Ch. Herald.

9 - In Price

No Volume, save the Bible, is probably sold so low, considering quantity of matter, and literary labor embodied.

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