Ed. Horticultural: - Dear Sir: Allow me to say a few words in reference to this invaluable compound. I find it up to the mark with everything I have tried it upon. I have no mealy-bug, so can't say whether it will kill that or not. Allow me to suggest the necessity, and also the propriety - for instance, in a house of vines, or any other plants affected either with red spider, mildew, etc - to first thoroughly syringe the house through with water, so that the whole of the foliage gets thoroughly wetted; when this is completed, then take the prescribed quantum sufficit, and syringe away. You will save just one half by this process, because, the foliage being already wet, the compound runs freely all over every portion of the leaves.

Gardeners, please take a note of this, and if Mr. Elliott, of 31 John street, who sells this "Gishurst Compound" will tell his purchasers to syringe first, and compound afterwards, they won't cry out much about the price, for the hint will pocket them just fifty per cent.

Fox Meadow.

[Thus far our correspondence, as well as our experience, has been in favor of this compound, and we believe it to be a really valuable preparation. If any have tried it without good results, we should be glad to hear from them too. Our object is to get at its real merits. - Ed].

Gishurst's Compound

It is to be supposed that every one who has tried the "Compound" will report his success till the Editor of the Horticulturist will say, "It's enough," as Dr. Lindley did, in the "Gardener's Chronicle," on the same subject. I have tried it, too, for too aphis on roses, and have found it effectual. I turned the small plants upside down, and dipped them in the solution, (two ounces to a gallon;) the bugs were immediately paralyzed, and turned black within twenty-four hours. Syringing can hardly be as effectual, besides being very expensive, as there is much waste, and the price certainly awful. Our friends across the Atlantic must appreciate an exterminator for the vermin, else they would not venture to ask a price. I have also tried the Pyrethron (insect powder), but with no satisfaction.