I would again repeat the advice given in former calendars: " Towards the end of the month, leave the top sashes open a little during the night, allowing the temperature to fluctuate similar to the external atmosphere. There is no climate in the world where the temperature is constantly the same." It almost seems unnecessary to state that when frosts occur, the house should be closed.

Grapes Under Glass #1

We are more than ever convinced that what is termed the close-spurring system of managing grapes, is an erroneous one. This, and deficient ventilation, are the great source of badly colored grapes, unripened wood, and consequent winter-killed plants. Allow for the gradual extension of the plants, by thinning them out as they get crowded; if one plant ultimately fills the house, so much the better. Keep the house well ventilated during the night, that the wood may mature as it advances in growth, and keep the atmosphere charged with moisture during the day, by sprinkling water on the soil; if the inside borders get dry, give a thorough soaking once a week, with rain water. On no account water with cold spring water, unless you wish to study its effects in producing rot, mildew, and other maladies.