A MONTHLY PERIODICAL devoted to the Dissemination of Practical and Re-liable Information on the Culture of Fruits, Flowers, Culinary Vegetables, and Ornamental Trees and Shrubs; ON the Management of Hot and GREENHOUSES) Vineries, Orchard and Forcing Houses, and on the Culture of Exotic Fruits and Flowers; and Landscape Gardening, Rural Architecture, and RUSTIC Adornments, and to furnish the Latest Discoveries. Improvements, and Inventions of a Horticultural character in the kindred Arts and Sciences such as Botany, Entomology, Chemistry, Mechanics, etc. And also, to afford an economical Advertising Medium to Nursery-men, Florists, etc.

EDITED BY THOMAs MEEHAN, Formerly Head Gardener to Caleb Cope, Esq., at Springbrook, and at the Bartram Botanic Garden, near Philadelphia; Graduate of the Royal Botanic-Garden, Kew, Lon-don, Eng.; Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences. Author of "The American Hand-Book of Ornamental Trees," etc.

Assisted by an able Corps of AMERICAN and FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE.

It is published on the first of every month, by W. G. P. BRINCKLOE,

23 N0RTH SIXTH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, to whom Business communications should be addressed.

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