JOSEPH POLLARD, who has charge of the extensive Greenhouses of Hon. Alexander Mitchell, Milwaukee, presented a paper on Greenhouse and Pot Plants, at the recent meeting of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society, of which the following is an abstract:

"Greenhouses have now become as necessary to complete houses as parlors or dining rooms. If possible they should be built in a warm, sheltered situation with a south aspect. Every crevice should be well closed. Fire heat should be applied by flues or hot water pipes, running them near the coldest parts of the house.

Occasional syringing is very necessary when fire heat is used. On warm, sunny days the top of the soil dries first, but in severe cold weather, where strong heat is needed, pots dry first at the bottom, and plants may suffer although syringed.

When there is an appearance of wilting of the foliage, the plants should have a thorough watering, showing at the bottom of the pots. The-water should be as near the temperature of the house ' as possible. Unskillful watering is a great evil in' Greenhouse management. Plants cannot be watered without injury unless they show the need of it, for the water will remain stagnant in the soil. Neglecting to water at the proper time is equally injurious to the plant." A few favorite plants are the following: