It is better to plant out in the fall than in spring. Fall-planted shrubs will often give many flowers the following summer, and make more vigorous growth than those planted in spring.

Clean the Ground of all weeds or rubbish this fall. A few weeds or a little bunch of grass serves as a nesting-place for mice, and before you are aware of it your trees are girdled. Besides, there is nothing like cleaning up in the fall, as it is comparatively a leisure time. In spring there is everything to do, and you can't stop. Clean up now, and all the ground for next year's cropping plow or dig, and leave loose for the winter's frosts to act upon.

Hardy Shrubs #1

E. R. McKinney, of Lacon, 111., writes to inquire if the following list of ornamental plants is hardy:

Golden Yew, Chinese Cypress (Glyptostrobus, Sinenris), Weeping Birch, Weeping Sophora, Stuartia, Kolreuteria, Salisburia, Japan Hydrangea, Viburnum Plica turn, Magnolia conspicua, Magnolia gracilis, Magnolia cordata, Magnolia macrophylla, Magnolia glauca, Azaleas (uame three best), .Rhododendrons (name three best).

The letter was referred to S. B. Parsons, of Flushing, who responds with the information, that " the trees and shrubs named are all perfectly hardy, and are among the finest plants we know."

The three best Azaleas are Aurantiaca, Beaute de Flanders, and Honneur de la Belgique.