We have engraved for our frontispiece this month, a view of a very interesting old Eng-lish building - known as Hayes farm, in Devonshire. It is doubly interesting to us. First, as having been the birth place of the celebrated Sir Walter Raleigh - whose name is always associated with the early history of America; in the second place, as a good example of a style of respectable country house still very common in England. Simple in character, built of solid materials, of ample size, and full of substantial comfort; it seems to us a better type to study, and a better hint for a model, than most of the over-decorated cottages and villas at present so much the fashion. Of course, it is only a hint, for some of the details are faulty, but the expression is genuinely that of a substantial country house that has no pretension which it cannot fulfill, and which aims at being nothing which it is not in reality. We like the simplicity of the solid walls of stone roughcast, the plain gables and windows, and the ample porch.

Diminish the size of this house to suit our wants, and add a veranda, and a more appropriate style for a country house in the northern states, is not easily attained.