The following comprises the premiums awarded by the Society at the Twenty-Eighth Autumnal Exhibition, held at Penn Square on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of September, 1856:

Collection Of Plant

Collection of twenty - pots not exceeding sixteen inches in diameter, at least one-half to be in bloom, open for private collections only, $20, John Pollock, gr. to J. Dundas; second, $16, Mark Hill, gr. to M. W. Baldwin; third, $10, T. Robertson, gr. to B. A. Fahnestook; fourth best, $8, J. J. Habermehl, gr. to J. Lambert.

Collection Of Twenty

Name restrictions as above, open for all, $20, Chas. Sutherland, gr. to John Anspach; second, $15, Isaac Collins, gr. to Gen. R. Patterson; third, $10, John Pollock; fourth, $8, Thos. Robertson, gr. to B. A. Fahnestook. Collection of twelve, same restrictions, open for all, $10, Isaac Collins, gr. to Gen. Patterson; second, $8, J, J. Habermehl; third, $6, John Pollock. Collection of Specimen Plants, in tabs or pots, each collection to contain four plants, $8, J. Pollock. Collection of Conifers, grown in tube, six plants, $5, Robert Buist; second, $3, David Ferguson. Collection of Evergreens, not elsewhere mentioned in this schedule, $3, John Sherwood; second, Robert Buist. Collection of Achimenes, $4, Wm. Grassie, gr. to John Tucker. Collection of Orchids, $5, John Pollock; second, $3, Robert Buist. Collection of Ferns, $2, John Pollock; second, $1, Thos. Robertson.

Special Premiums - to George Niooll, gr. to Chas. Macallester, for a fine display of Coxcombs, $3; James Thomas, gr. to J. D. Whetham, for Monthly Carnations, $3; Robert Buist, for a collection of Variegated Plants, $3.

The Committee on Designs, Baskets, and Bouquets, reported the following awards:: -

Designs, Baskets, And Bouquets

Designs, formed of cut Flowers, $20, Henry A. Dreer; second, $15, Robert Dunlap,gr. to C. Fallon; third,$5, J. J, Habermehl; do., not exceeding five feet in height, $5, do.; do., of Grasses, $3, Peter Raabe (120 species); second, $2, do.; do., composed of the largest and finest varieties of Fruits, $10, J. W. Parkinson; do., formed of Fruits and Flowers combined, $10, Miss Percival; second best, $5, to John Kinnier, gr, to Thos. Dunlap. Baskets, oval or round, averaging twenty inches in diameter, formed of cut Flowers, $5, Henry A. Dreer; second, $3, J. J. Habermehl; do., oval or round, averaging sixteen inohes in diameter, $3, J. J. Habermehl. Bouquets, for the hand, not exceeding eight inches in diameter, $3,J. J. Habermehl; second, $2, Henry A. Dreer. Dahlias, cut Flowers, twenty-four varieties, $6, Gerhard Schauta; second, $3, Robert Buist; do. do., twelve varieties, by an amateur, $3, Wm. Carvill, gr. to Henry Grambo; do. do., American Seedling, parti-colored, $2, Gerhard Schmitz; do. do. do., self-colored, $2, do.

Roses, cut Flowers, twenty varieties, $5, Henry A. Dreer; second, $3, J. L. Darlington & Co.,West Chester, Pa.

Special Premium of $1, for Weed Bouquet, to Miss Percival.

The Committee cannot refrain from calling attention to the new and beautiful designs composed of fruits and flowers, and recommend an increase in the amount of premium. The Grasses are also of great merit and beauty. The Committee would report favorably of the seedling, ever-blooming Roses, the Beauty of Green Mount and Woodland Margaret, originated by James Pentland, of Baltimore, from the out specimens submitted.

The Committee on Grapes have awarded the following: -

Grapes (foreign), grown in pots, ten specimens, for the best, $10, Richard Mathews, gr. to Jos. S. Lovering. Grapes (foreign), collection, cut bunches, for the best, $10, Geo. Lazenby, gr. to David S. Brown; second, $6, M. Hagerty, gr. to Jos. Harrison. Grapes (Hamburgh), three bunches, $5, Geo. Lazenby; for the second best, $3, Matthew Hagerty, gr. to Jos. Harrison. Grapes (Chasselas), three bunches, $3, Geo, Lazenby; second, $2, H. Cowperthwait. Grapes (White Muscat), three bunches, $3, Geo. Lazenby; second, $2, Chas. Sutherland, gr. to John Anspaoh. Grapes (Frontignao), three bunches, $3, Geo. Lazenby; second, $2, S. H. Simpson. Grapes, another variety, three bunches (White Nice), $3, Wm. Grassie, gr. to John Tucker; for the second best (Frankenthal), $2, H. Cowperthwait. Grapes (native), collection, out bunches, $6, Isaac B. Baxter; second, $3, Peter Raabe. Grapes (Isabella), six bunches, $2, Richard Mathews; second, $1, A. L. Felton. Grapes (Catawba), six bunches, $2, T. S. Fletcher; second, $1, Thomas Hulton. Grapes (Elsinborough), six bunches, $2, Jos. Smith, Burlington. Grapes, another variety, six bunches, for the best, $2, Thos Meehan. Pine-Apples, grown in pots, five specimens, $10, Wm. Grassie; second, $5, Wm. Grassie.

The Committee report that their attention has been called to two or three native varieties not heretofore exhibited - among which is that named the Concord Grape, grown under glass by Thomas Fletcher; but a very choice white grape, called the Rebecca, resembling somewhat the flavor of the Chasselas, said to be a seedllng from the Isabella, and grown in Hudson, N. Y., is well entitled, we think, to pre-eminence over all others, and be truly considered a valuable acquisition to our native varieties.

Your Committee notice with pleasure the increasing interest manifested in the grape culture, from which we are encouraged to hope that many valuable results may be obtained thereby, both in size and quality.

Peaches, one bushel, $5, H. S. Penn. Peaches, one peck, $2, S. Titus (seedling, called the "Titus"); second, $1, Isaac B. Baxter. Peaches, collection, six specimens each, $3,Isaac B. Baxter. Nectarines, one dozen (Red Roman), for the best, $2, Matthew Hagerty, gr. to Jos. Harrison. Plums, two dozen (Golden Drop), $2, S. W. Noble, Montgomery County. Plums (White Egg), second, $1, Robert Parham.

To Michael Magee, a premium of $3 for the seedling Magee Peach, exhibited the second year; a fine free, with greenish-white flesh and red cheek.