The stated meeting of this Society was held in Concert Hall, on Tuesday evening, October 16,1855, the President in the chair. Premiums were awarded as follows, by the Committee on Plants and flowers: -

Collection of twelve Plants - for the best to John Pollock, gr. to James Dundas; for the second best to Thomas Robertson, gr. to B. A. Fahnestock. Collection of six Plants - for the best to the same. Specimen Plant - for the best to John Pollock, and for the second best to Thomas Robertson. Basket of cut Flowers - for the best to Mark Hill, gr. to M. W. Baldwin; for the second best to J. J. Habermehl, gr. to J. Lambert. Bouquets - for the best pair to J. J. Habermehl; for the second best to H. A. Dreer. Special Premiums - one of two dollars to Robert Kilvington for a pair of Bouquets and a pyramid of indigenous flowers; another of one dollar to A. L. Felten, for a fine display of Dahlias.

By The Committee On Fruits

Grapes - for the best collection to Mark Hill; for the second best to J. McLaughlin, gr. to Isaac B. Baxter. Pears - for the best collection to the same; for the second best to Mrs. C. Mackau. Special Premiums - two dollars to G. W. Earl for a Seedling Clingstone Peach of fine appearance and very fair taste; and one dollar to Peter Raabe for a very excellent Grape, called Clara, said to be a seedling, and which the Committee are of opinion is deserving of more than passing notice.

The Committee called the attention of the Society to a specimen of the Graslin Pear, a foreign variety, by Robert Buist, and for the first time shown, which they consider an acquisition, and rate as best.

By The Committee On Vegetables

Display by a market gardener: for the best, to A. L. Felten. Display by a private gardener:' for the best, to Robert Dunlap, gr. to Christopher Fallon.

The Secretary stated that since the last meeting he had received a box containing clusters of the Early Northern Muscadine Grape, with a specimen of wine made of that grape, from D. J. Hawkins and P. Stewart, of New Lebanon, N. Y., with a request to submit them to the inspection of the Committee on Fruits, which he did accordingly; and the Chairman reports that, after a careful examination by the taste, Ac. (the odor could not be mistaken), they were clearly of opinion that the plant is a seedling of the worthless Fox Grape of our woods, and not deserving a place in any catalogue as desirable for culture, and no more to be compared to our Isabella or Catawba than a Chicken Grape to the White Muscat of Alexandria, and consider it a duty to stamp with emphatic reprobation any attempt to introduce for cultivation an article so utterly destitute of value as the so-called Northern Muscadine.

The Chairman of the Committee on the 27th exhibition submitted a report, minutely describing the display as it was held at Penn Square, on the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th days of September.

The President made a few remarks in commendation of the zeal of the Committee in conducting the exhibition, and that the cordial thanks of the Society were due to them for their active exertions.

Eleven gentlemen were elected members.