During the present year, we believe, the Locusts are again to make their appearance. Some of our readers may be fond of them; if so, here is the proper mode of cooking them:

"The locusts generally fly within two or three feet of the ground, and as soon as their approach is perceived, the people rush out, and with great clamor endeavor to strike them down, or inclose them in their lambas, while the women and children gather them up in baskets from the ground, and detach their legs and wings, by shaking them from one end to the other of a long sack, in the same way that grocers clean their raisins. The legs and wings are then winnowed away, and the bodies dried in the sun, or sometimes fried in fat, and then kept in sacks for food, or sent to the markets for sale. In some parts of Ankova and in the provinces of the Betsileo to the southward, grasshoppers and silkworms, in the chrysalis state, are collected in large quantities, cooked and eaten as food, or offered for sale." - Ellis* Madagascar.