This class is the most desirable and magnificent of Roses - perfectly hardy, flowering freely from June to the end of October. Plant in strong clay loam, enriched with well-rotted manure; prune last year's wood back one-half; thin out weak shoots, and remove the flowers when they fade.

Adelaide Fontaine - deep pink; large and beautiful.

Alexandrine Beechmeteff - bright rose; very full.

Agustie Mie - light rosy pink; very fine.

Arthur de Sansals - dark velvet crimson; superb.

Bacchus - crimson scarlet; fine.

Baronne Heecheren - bright pink; very large and beautiful.

Colonel de Rougemont - deep rose color; splendid.

Chipetowzikof - deep crimson.

Comte de Nantieul--deep rose; fine shape.

Duchess of Norfolk - vivid crimson; profuse bloomer.

Duchess de Camhaceres - bright rose; flowers late.

General Brea - fine, deep crimson.

General Bedeau - bright red; compact and doable.

" Castellane - bright carmine; superb.

" Jacquiminot - brilliant crimson scarlet; a first-rate new rose.

" Simpson - bright carmine; fall and large.

" Pellisier - pale rose; fine. Graziella - brilliant pink; exquisite form. Imperatrice dee Francais - pale flesh; very double and fine. Jules Margottin - bright deep rose; highly perfumed, and one of the best roses , in cultivation.

Lord Raglan - deep velvet crimson; splendid. Louis Peyronny - bright pink; very fine. Madame Domge - deep, rosy pink; superb.

" Guinnoisseau - deep lilac rose; very double.

" Knorr - pink, with rosy centre; fine.

" Masson - shaded crimson; large and double.

" Vidot - light pink; beautifully cupped.

" Theodore Martell - deep flesh; fine shaped. Mathurine Regnier - pale rose; remarkably fine. Mere de St. Louis - delicate flesh; showy. Ncemi - rosy pink; fine.

Prince Leon - vivid crimson; a superb new rose. Paul Dupuy - velvet crimson; very fine. Souvenir de la Reine d'Angleterre - large, bright rose; splendid.

" de Levison Gower - deep crimson; large and fine. Triumphe de l'Exposition - beautiful, deep carmine. (To be continued).

Hybrid Perpetual #1

The varieties in this class have become so multitudinous, that one is quite at a loss to particularize. I shall not attempt to do justice to all, but content myself with mentioning my particular favorites, and some of those among the newer sorts which give promise of excellence.

Baronne Prevost will long be a favorite. Its large and abundant flowers, of a rich rose-color, are really magnificent.

Caroline de Sansai is a charming rose, of a pale flesh-color, and fine form; quite distinct and beautiful.

Charles Boissiere, a fine rose of which I hear little said; it is a deep brilliant crimson, and well-shaped.

Duchess of Sutherland, bright rose, well-formed and very fine.

Geant des Bataillcs, not large, but very beautiful and distinct; its fiery crimson can scarcely be excelled.

General Castellane, a beautiful rose of a dark rich crimson, finely formed and distinct.

General Jacqueminot. This is a magnificent flower when first opened, but a hot sun soon causes it to droop; its color is a brilliant crimson, and form good.

Gloire de France. Another bright crimson sort; very fine.

Graziella, although perhaps not perfectly double, is a lovely rose; its flowers are a clear light pink, beautifully cupped, and when partially expanded, exceedingly pretty.

Lady Alice Peel is very beautiful; its shape is exquisite, and color, fine deep pink, veined with red.

La Reine is undoubtedly the largest of roses; but it is sometimes coarse, and its flowers are so very double that they frequently open badly.

Lord Raglan I have not yet fairly proved, but have high hopes of it; vivid crimson, and very doublet.

Madame Laffay is an old favorite of mine. Its finely-formed rosy crimson flowers, splendid foliage, and free blooming habit, render it one of the most desirable. Madame Masson, rosy crimson, very double and fine.

Prince Chipetouzikoff, deep red, very double, but not large; well-shaped and very good.'

Pius the Ninth is a fine rose of a deep purplish red, blooming abundantly.

Robin Hood, rose-color, not very full; very pretty.

Reine des Fleurs, pink, tinged with lilac, beautifully formed.

Sir John Franklin, bright crimson; very double and good.

Souvenir de Leveson Gower, bright red; very pretty.

William Griffiths is one of the most beautifully shaped of roses; is a pale rose color, with a tinge of lilac, and exceedingly double and fine.

It would be easy to enumerate many more, nearly, if not quite as good, as those above named. I find, however, that my few varieties have already reached a number, which would form of themselves quite a respectable collection, and will not at present pursue the subject further, passing by, in silence, the many lovely roses embraced in the several classes usually cultivated under glass, with a mental resolve to speak well of them on a future occasion.