Besides most of the usual implements serviceable to the gardener, Messrs. Cottam and Hallen, 2 Winsley Street, Oxford Street, exhibited the following:

Footpath Or Accommodation Gate And Curve

These are united and fixed in a line with strained wire, hurdle, or continued fencing, and are remarkably neat and convenient for admitting, whilst separating, from one part of the grounds to the other.

Footpath Or Accommodation Gate And Curve 1300114

Espalier Hurdles

These are also very neat, and we need do no more than remark upon their durability compared with similar structures of wood. They are neatest in appearance when painted a greenish gray, so as to be least distinguishable from the branches of the tree.

Espalier Hurdles 1300115Espalier Hurdles 1300116

Wrought-Iron Tree Guard

Where sheep or other grazing animals are admitted upon grass within view of the house, and trees are planted in the pasture or lawn, no guard is either so ornamental or effectual as this. - London Cottage Gardener.