The first portion of a magnificent collection of Azaleas, and other store and greenhouse plants, was recently brought to the hammer here by Mr. Stevens. Of Azaleas, Glory of Sunning Hill, 3 feet 6 inches high, and as much through, fetched 11l.; Murrayana, 92.; Perryana, 7l. 10s.; optima, 6l. 10s.; Gled-stanesi, 5l. 15s.; variegata, 5l.; lateritia, 5l. 5s.; alba magna, 5l. 15s.; sinensis, 57.; and other lots from 2l. 2s. to 3l.10s. Of other plants, Acropbyllum venosum, 3 feet high and about as much through, fetched 7l. 10s.; the Willow-leaved Ixora, 62.; Genetyllis macrostegia, 5l. 10s.; Aphelexis macrantha rosea, one of the finest plants in the country, 9l.; A. m. purpurea, 5l. 10s.; A. m. grandiflora, 4l. 15s.; Rondeletia speciosa, 4l.10s.; Tetratheca ericoides, 32. 7*. 64.; Erica jubata, 2l. 4s; Maranta zebrina, 2l.10s.; Pandanus javanicus variegates, 3l. 10s.; Epacris mini-ata grandiflora, 3l.10s.; E. m. splendens, 2l.6s.; Pimelea mirabilis, 22.; P. Hendersoni, 2l.6s.; Eriostemon buzifolium, 2l. 2s.; and Adenandra speciosa, 2l. 6s. Other lots, of which there were in all 202, fetched from 10s. to 30s. per lot; and the produce of the whole sale amounted to upwards of 3002. - Cottage Gardener.