Concerning The Antiquities, History, And Biography Of America.

This Megasine was commenced in January, 1857, for the purpose of furnishing a medium of intercommunication between Historical Societies, Authors, and Students of History, and supplying an inter-aittng and valuable journal - a miscellany of American History. With the first of January, I860, it enters upon its fourth annual volume, with the support and aid of a large body of intelligent readers, and the assistance of the foremost historical writers in the country.

The work is under the editorial care of a gentleman well known for his hearty devotion to the objects of this publication, and a distinguished member of the New York Historical Society. Among the contributors to the past numbers are - Hon. Edward Everett, Hon. Geo. Bancroft, Jared Sparks, LL.D., Hon. Peter Force, Hon. James Savage, W. H. Prescott, Esq., Hon. Robert 0. Winthrop, Wm. Gilmore Simms. Esq., Henry R. Schoolcraft, Esq., Benson J. Loosing, Esq., Hon. Henry C. Murphy, Samuel G. Drake, Esq., John G. Shea, Esq., Sebastian F. 8treeter, Esq., Alfred B. Street, Esq., E. B. O'Callaghan, LL.D., Prof W. W. Turner, Buckingham Smith, Esq., Evert A. Duyckinck, Esq., Brants Mayer, Esq., Hon. John R.Bartiett, Samuel F. Haven, Esq., Dr. R. W. Gibbs, John W. Francis, M. D.

The co-operation of all gentlemen engaged in literary and historical pursuits, in every part of our country, is earnestly requested. Any persons having valuable papers in their possession, are invited to furnish them for publication; such will be carefully used, and returned to their owners.

The contents of the Historical Magazine may be generally classed under the following heads:

1. Original Papers, involving points of research in historical studies, presenting no feets, or the discussion of National and Ural topics of latare of the whole country - in Essays by writers versed in American History.

II. The Collection of Original Letters, Correspondence, Diaries, etc., hitherto unpublished, of Americans of Eminence.

III Biographical and Obituary Notices of Persons distin-gulated to the services of the country, whether in office, politi-cs life. literecture, or science.

IV. Accurate Reports of the Proceedings of the numerous American IIistorical, Antiquarian, Geographical, Numinate. and other kindred Societics.

V. Notes and Queries of carbus end important topics, new and old, with Replies, by a Urea body of contributors.

VI. Reprints of Rare sad interesting Tracts, Old Poem out of print, etc., etc.

VII. Miscellany and Aneedotes. VIII. Brief Notes on new Historical Books. IX. Historical sad Literary intelligence, New Announce-ments, etc.

The Historical Magazine is printed on extra quality of paper, small quarto form, and published in monthly numbers, at Two Dollars a year.

Specimon Numbors sent, upon receipt of fifteen cents in postage stamps. Copies of Vols. I to V furnished bound, or in Numbers. Abricess all communications to CHARLEs B. RICHARDSON & CO., Publishers, 14 B1BLE HOUSE, HEW YORK.