This plant Mr. Reid has always considered the best for farm hedges, and we are disposed to agree with him ; after twenty years trial he is satisfied that it is more easily kept and better adapted for a farm fence than any. thing that has yet been used. When properly cut it looks as well us any deciduous hedge plant that is grown. When rapidity of growth and economy are both desirable, plant them six inches apart in the row, and let them grow four years without cutting; then crop them all to a heighth of five feet, which will produce a live fence of young trees; with one cutting every year, though two would be better, they will prove a protection for the life time of the owner. Planted four inches apart they might prove a perfect defence for a long time without the shears, but no hedge will long answer a good purpose of any kind without at least a careful annual cutting. The Honey Locust we consider preferable to the Osage Orange; in planting the seeds of each, care must be exercised to prevent the ravages of mice.

Both may be sown where they are to grow permanently.