Angelique (Melitte; Madeleine; Coucourelle Blanche). —Below medium size, about two inches long and an inch and three quarters broad; obovate. Skin yellow, dotted with long greenish-white specks. Flesh white under the skin, but tinged with red towards the centre. When well ripened, the fruit is of good quality, and perfumed. It requires artificial heat to bring it to perfection, and forces well.

Ashridge Forcing. See Brown Turkey.

D'Athenes. See Marseilles.

Aubique Violette. See Bordeaux.

Aubiquon. See Bordeaux.

Aulique. See Violette Grosse.

Barnissotte. See Black Bourjassotte.

Bayswater. See Brunswick.

De Bellegarde. See Black Bourjassotte.

Black Bourjassotte (Precoce Noire; Barnissotte; De Bellegarde).—Large, roundish. Skin dark purple. Flesh red at the centre, and of good quality; but requires heat to bring it to perfection. September. Tree an abundant bearer.

Black Genoa (Nigra; Negro d'JEspagne; Noire de Languedoc).—Large, oblong, broad towards the apex, and very slender towards the stalk. Skin dark purple, almost black, and covered with a thick blue bloom. Flesh yellowish under the skin, but red towards the interior, juicy, with a very sweet and rich flavour. End of August. Tree very hardy, and a good bearer.

Black Ischia (Blue Ischia; Early Forcing; Sonde Noire; Nero).—Medium sized, turbinate, flat at the top. Skin deep purple, almost black when ripe. Flesh deep red, sweet, and luscious. Tree hardy, and an excellent bearer; succeeds well in pots. August.

Black Marseilles. See Black Provence.

Black Naples. See Brunswick.

Black Provence (Black Marseilles).—Below medium size, oblong. Skin dark brown. Flesh red, tender, very juicy, and richly flavoured. Tree bears abundantly, and is well adapted for forcing.

Blanche. See Marseilles.

Blue. See Brown Turkey.

Blue Burgundy. See Brown Turkey.

Blue Ischia. See Black Ischia.

Bordeaux (Violette; Violette Longue; Violette de Bordeaux; Aubiquon; Aubique Violette; Petite Aubique; Figue-Poire).—Large, pear-shaped, rounded at the head, and tapering to a small point at the stalk. Skin deep violet, strewed with long green specks. Flesh red, sweet, and well flavoured. Only a second-rate variety, and the tree is so tender, that it is apt to be cut down, even to the ground, by severe frosts.

Bourjassotte Blanche. See White Bourjassotte.

Bourjassotte Noire. See Black Bourjassotte.

Brocket Hall. See White Ischia.

Brown Hamburgh. See Brunswick.

Brown Ischia (Chestnut-coloured Ischia).— Medium sized, roundish-turbinate. Skin light brown, or chestnut coloured. Eye very large. Flesh purple, sweet, and high-flavoured. Fruit apt to burst by too much wet. This is one of the best of figs, ripening in the beginning and middle of August. Tree an excellent bearer, pretty hardy, and bears as a standard in favourable situations. It forces well.

Brown Italian. See Brown Turkey.

Brown Naples. See Brown Turkey.

Brown Turkey (Ashridge Forcing; Blue; Common Blue; Blue Burgundy; Brown Italian; Brown Naples; Long Naples; Early; Howick; Italian; Jerusalem; Large Blue; Lee's Perpetual; Murrey; Purple; Small Blue; Fleur Rouge; Walton). — Large and pyriform. Skin brownish red, covered with blue bloom. Flesh red and very luscious. Tree very prolific, hardy, and one of the best for out-door culture, as a standard. August and September.

Brunswick (Bayswater; Black Naples; Brown Ham-burgh; Clementine; Hanover; Madonna; Large White Turkey; Rose Blanche; Rose Beyronne; Peronne; Rose; Red).—Very large and pyriform, oblique at the apex, which is very much depressed. Skin greenish yellow in the shade; violet brown on the other side. Flesh yellow under the skin, tinged with red towards the centre. Very rich and excellent. Middle of August. The tree is very hardy and an excellent bearer, and certainly the best for out-door cultivation against walls.