Scarlet Pine. See Old Pine.

Seedling Eliza. See Rivers Eliza.

Sir Charles Napier.—Fruit very large, ovate, flattened, and wedge-shaped. Seeds not deeply embedded. Skin shining, of a fine bright pale scarlet colour. Flesh white, firm and solid, briskly acid, and not highly flavoured.

This is a fine handsome strawberry, well adapted for forcing and for early market purposes. The plant is remarkably tender, perhaps more so than any other variety.

Sir Harry.—Fruit very large, roundish, irregular, frequently cockscomb-shaped. Seeds large, and deeply embedded. Skin dark crimson, becoming almost black when fully ripe. Flesh dark red, not very firm, but tender, very juicy, and richly flavoured.

Sib Walter Scott.—Fruit medium sized, conical, and pointed, with prominent seeds. Skin deep red. Flesh pale, firm, and inferior in flavour.

Stirling Castle Pine.—Fruit large, ovate or conical, pointed, even and regular in shape. Seeds small, not deeply embedded. Skin of a bright scarlet colour, becoming dark red as it ripens. Flesh pale scarlet, brisk, and of excellent flavour.

Swainstone's Seedling (Royal Pine).—Fruit above medium size, ovate, even and regular in its shape. Seeds small, and rather deeply embedded. Skin pale red. Flesh pale, rather hollow round the core, and with a fine rich flavour.

This is a good variety for forcing, and is a good bearer.

Trollope's Victoria.— Fruit very large, roundish-ovate, even and regular in its outline. Skin light crimson. Flesh pale scarlet, tender, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured.

This is a good early strawberry, and an excellent bearer.

Viscomtesse Hericart de Thury. See Duchesse de Trevise.

Wilmot's Prince Arthur. — Fruit medium sized, conical, even, and regular. Seeds small, not deeply embedded. Skin deep red and glossy. Flesh scarlet, firm, but hollow at the core, of a rich flavour when highly ripened.

The plant is a great bearer, forces well, and the fruit bears carriage better than many other varieties.