§ Mound or Roundish.

A.  Skin smooth.                Joke (Hodkinsons's)

Glory of Kingston                   Perfection (Gregory's)

Green Gage (Horsefield's)                      C. Skin hairy.

Green Gascoigne

B.  Skin downy.                  Green Rumbullion

Green Willow                           Hebburn Prolific

§§ Oblong, oval, or obovate.

A. Skin smooth.                             B. Skin downy.

Favourite (Bates')                    Jolly Angler (Collier's)

Glory of Ratcliff (Allen's)        Laurel (Parkinson's)

Green Gage (Pitmaston)          Profit (Prophet's)

Green Walnut

Heart of Oak (Massey's)                         C. Skin hairy

Independent (Briggs')              Glenton Green

Jolly Tar (Edwards')               Wistaston Hero (Bratherton's)