1 - Fruit, A Thin Spongy Husk

A. Kernels Sweet

Shell Hard and Woody.

Common Sweet. Large Fruited Sweet.

Shell Tender.

Tender-Shelled Sweet.



B. Kernels Bitter

Shell Hard and Woody.

Common Bitter. Large Fruited Bitter.

Shell Tender. Amere a Noyau Tendre.

2. - Fruit, A Thick Succulent Flesh. Peach Almond

Abellan. See Tender-Shelled.

A Coque Tendre. See Tender-Shelled.

A Coque Tendre et a Fruit Douce. See Tender-Shelled.

A Gros Fruit. See Large Fruited Sweet.

A Noyau Tendre. See Tender-Shelled.

A Petit Fruit. See Common Sweet.

A Petit Fruit Douce. See Common Sweet.

A Petit Fruit et Noyau Tendre. See Sultana.

Common. See Common Sweet.

Common Sweet (Common; A Petit Fruit; Commune; A Petit Fruit Douce; Douce ; Genuine Hartschalije : Susse Mandel; Kleine Susse Steinmandel)

Fruit, one inch and a quarter to one inch and three-quarters long, one inch and a half wide, and one inch and a quarter thick.

Skin, pale green, and covered with a thick down. Stone, very hard and thick, furrowed like that of a peach. Kernel, sweet, and terminated by a sharp point. It ripens in the end of August. The flowers are always produced before the leaves, and are very pale, nearly white.

Commune. See Common Sweet.

Damen. See Tender-Shelled.

Des Dames. See Tender's helled.

Douce. See Common Sweet.

Douce a Coque Dur. See Large Fruited Sweet.

Douce a la Peau Molle. See Tender-Shelled.

Doux a, Coque Tendre. See Tender-Shelled.

Gemeine Hartschalige. See Common Sweet.

Grosse Susse. See Large Fruited Sweet.

Jordan. See Tender-Shelled.

Kleine Susse. See Common Sweet.

Kleine Susse Krachmandel. See Sultana.

Ladies' Thin-shell. See Tender-Shelled.

Large Fruited Sweet (Sweet; Long Hard-shell; A Gros Fruit; Douce a Coque Dur; Grosse Siisse)

Fruit, large, about two inches long, and an inch and a quarter broad, terminated at the point by a nipple, and marked on one side with a deep suture, and covered with a pretty thick down. Stalk, thick and short, placed on one side of the base, and inserted in a deep and furrowed cavity. Stone, thick and hard. Kernel, large, about an inch and a half long, sweet, and of an excellent flavour. It ripens in the beginning of October.

Long Hard-shell. See Large Fruited Sweet.

Peach (Peche)

This, which is of no real value, is singular from being a hybrid between the almond and the peach, and possessing a great deal of the character of both parents. It is covered with a very thick and fleshy rind, which is charged with a bitter acid; but in some parts of France it acquires in warm seasons considerable succulence and flavour; even in the neighbourhood of Paris it attains as great perfection as the Peches de vigne. The shell is very hard and thick, as much so as that of the peach. Kernel, large, long, and pointed, yellowish-white, and with a half-sweet, half-bitter flavour. It ripens in the end of October.

This is a very old variety, being: mentioned by Camerarius, Gesner, Matthiolus, end John and Caspar Bauhin, under the names of Amygdalo-Persicus, Peraica Amygdaloides, etc., etc.