Bascombe Mystery

Fruit, two inches and a half wide, and two inches high; roundish oblate, obscurely ribbed on the sides, and with ridges round the eye. Skin, of an uniform grass green colour, changing to greenish yellow as it ripens. Eye, closed, with erect segments, which are pointed and reflexed at the tips, and set in a narrow, shallow, and ribbed basin. Stamens, median; tube, short, conical. Stalk, half an inch long, slender, set in a wide and deep cavity. Flesh, tender, crisp, juicy, sweet, and with a delicate perfume. Cells, round; axile, closed.

An excellent dessert apple, with tender flesh; ripe in November and December.

Bastard Foxwhelp

Fruit, small, an inch and three-quarters wide, and an inch and a half high; oblate, sometimes inclining to roundish, even and regularly formed. Skin, smooth, and shining as if varnished, entirely covered with bright crimson, and striped with darker crimson on the side exposed to the sun; but on the shaded side it is greenish yellow striped with crimson; the stalk cavity only is lined with russet. Eye, very small, and closed with short connivent segments. Stamens, marginal; tube, conical. Stalk, very long and slender at its insertion and throughout its length, except at the end; inserted in a deep cavity. Flesh, yellowish, stained with red; firm, and unusually acid. Cells, round; axile, slit. A Herefordshire cider apple.

Baumann's Reinette

Fruit, two inches and a quarter wide, and an inch and three-quarters high; oblate, with blunt angles on the sides, which extend to the crown, and form ridges round the eye. Skin, smooth, bright yellow, tinged with bright red on the shaded side, and a brilliant red cheek on the side next the sun, with a large stellate patch of russet over the base, the whole surface strewed with imbedded pearly specks. Eye, small and closed, with erect pointed segments, and set in a narrow, rather deep, and ribbed basin. Stamens, marginal; tube, funnel-shaped. Stalk, half an inch long, slender, inserted in a deep narrow cavity. Flesh, white, crisp, juicy, and with a pleasant aroma. Cells, oblate; axile, open.

A good but not high-class dessert apple. It is, however, very beautiful, and in the eye and round the crown resembles Pomme de Neige. It is ripe in the end of November, and keeps till March.

It was raised by MM. Baumann, of Bolwyller, in Alsace.

Baxter's Pearmain

Fruit, medium sized, two inches and a half wide, and the same high; roundish ovate or conical, and slightly angular. Skin, pale green, but tinged with red, and marked with a few indistinct streaks of darker red on the side exposed to the sun. Eye, open, with long spreading segments, and placed in a moderately deep basin. Stamens, basal; tube, funnel-shaped. Stalk, short and thick, not deeply inserted. Flesh, yellowish, firm, brisk, and sugary, and with an abundance of pleasantly acid juice. Cells, obovate; axile.

An excellent apple, suitable either for culinary purposes or the dessert; in use from November to March.

The tree is hardy, vigorous, a most abundant bearer, and even in seasons when other varieties fail this is almost safe to ensure a plentiful crop. It is extensively cultivated in Norfolk, and deserves to be more generally known in other districts of the country.

Bay. See Drap ď Or.

Bayfordbury Pippin. See Golden Pipppin.