Mrs. Ward

This in its outward appearance and form somewhat resembles the Court of Wick, with the beautiful scarlet flush of its parent, the Scarlet Nonpareil. Fruit, below medium size; roundish ovate, compressed at both ends; outline very even and regular. Skin, smooth, of a warm yellow or orange colour on the shaded side, flushed with deep scarlet on the side next the sun, with here and there slight patches of russet, especially near to the eye and stalk. Eye, open, set in a shallow, evenly-formed cavity. Stalk, long, slender, and deeply set. Flesh, pale yellow, firm, juicy, with a fine, brisk, sprightly acid flavour.

One of the pleasantest little dessert apples, and beautiful in appear-tee; in use from November to March.

Raised by Mr. N. Lawrence, nurseryman, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.

Munches Pippin. See Margil.

Munn's Red

Fruit, below medium size, two inches and a quarter wide, and two inches high; round, inclining to ovate, even and regular in its outline. Skin, bright red, approaching scarlet, mottled and somewhat streaked with crimson over its whole surface. Eye, closed, with connivent segments, set in a pretty deep basin, which is either even and saucer-like or a little angular. Stamens, median; tube, funnel-shaped. Stalk, long, curved, and rather stout and woody, inserted in a very deep round cavity. Flesh, yellowish, with a stain of red running from the base of the eye round the carpels. Cells, roundish elliptical; abaxile.

A Herefordshire cider apple, raised at Canon Pyon by a person of the name of Munn.

Murdy. See Comey Norman,

Murfitt's Seedling

Fruit, large, three inches and a quarter wide, and two inches and three-quarters high; round and depressed, rather angular in its outline. Skin, very greasy to handle, green, becoming yellowish towards ripening; on the sun side it has a dull brown blush, and the surface is strewed with largo russet dots. Eye, rather small, with flat convergent segments, set in a small plaited basin. Stamens, median; tube, conical. Stalk, about an inch long, slender, inserted in a deep round cavity, which is lined with russet extending over the base, and sometimes with a swelling on one side of it. Flesh, tender, crisp, and very juicy, with a fine brisk flavour. Cells, ovate; abaxile.

A fine large apple for culinary use; in use from October till Christmas. I received it from Messrs. Wood & Ingram, of Huntingdon.

Nancy Jackson

Fruit, above medium size, three inches wide, and two inches and a half high; round, rather uneven and angular, and sometimes with prominent obtuse ribs towards the eye. Skin, bright crimson over one-half of its surface, where exposed to the sun, and yellow where shaded. Eye, open, with short and sometimes withered segments, and sometimes it is closed, set in a rather shallow basin. Stalk, short, inserted in a close and narrow cavity. Flesh, firm, crisp, and very juicy, with a fine brisk acidity.

A cooking apple of great excellence, which keeps in perfect condition till May.

This is very much cultivated in the North Riding of Yorkshire, where it is greatly appreciated.