Sir William Gibbon's

Fruit, very large, three inches and three-quarters wide, and three inches high; Calville-shaped, being roundish oblate, with several prominent angles, which extend from the base to the apex, where they terminate in five or six large unequal knobs. Skin, deep yellow, tinged with green, and strewed with minute russety dots, on the shaded side, but deep crimson, streaked with dark red, on the side exposed to the sun. Eye, open, with short ragged segments, set in a deep, wide, and irregular basin. Stalk, very short, imbedded in a deep and angular cavity, which is lined with russet. Flesh, yellowish white, crisp, juicy, and slightly acid, with a pleasant vinous flavour.

A very showy and excellent culinary apple; in use from November to January.

Sitchampton Pearmain. See Sitchampton Russet.

Sitchampton Russet (Sitchampton Pearmain)

Fruit, small, two inches and three-eighths wide, and two inches high; roundish oblate, flattened both at the base and the crown. Skin, covered with a coat of smooth grey russet, which has a brownish tinge on the side next the sun. Eye, large, and wide open, with reflexed segments like Wyken Pippin, set in a wide, saucer-like basin. Stamens, marginal; tube, slender, funnel-shaped. Stalk, short and stout, set in a deep cavity. Flesh, yellowish, tender, crisp, and juicy, with a somewhat aromatic flavour. Cells, small, obovate; axile, slit.

A dessert apple of good quality, which keeps well till February.

I received this from Messrs. R. Smith & Co., of Worcester, in 1876, under the name of Sitchampton Pearmain, but as it is not of a Pearmain shape I have thought it better to give it its proper designation.

Skyrme's Kernel

Fruit, small, two inches and a quarter wide, and two inches to two inches and an eighth high; conical, even and regular in its outline, and with somewhat of a waist towards the apex. Skin, smooth and shining, almost entirely covered with broken streaks of brilliant crimson on a thin, pale crimson cheek on the side next the sun, and lemon-yellow tinged with crimson, and marked with pale crimson stripes, on the shaded side; the whole surface is strewed with distinct russet dots. Eye, small and closed, with erect convergent segments, set a narrow, round, and even basin. Stamens, median; tube, funnel-shaped. Stalk, short, a fleshy knob set in a deep wide cavity. Flesh, yellowish, firm, crisp, and not very juicy, acid, and with a rather harsh flavour. Cells, obovate; axile, quite closed.

A favourite cider apple in Herefordshire; quite in the first rank.

Slack My Girdle

Fruit, about medium size, two inches and three-quarters wide, and two and a quarter high; round and somewhat flattened, obscurely angular. Skin, beautifully streaked with crimson on a yellow ground on the side next the sun, and where shaded it is greenish yellow when ripe. Eye, small and closed, with connivent segments, set in a narrow and plaited basin. Stamens, marginal; tube, long, funnel-shaped. Stalk, very short, set in a shallow basin, somewhat russety. Flesh, tender, sweet, and mawkish. Cells, small, round; axile.

A Devonshire cider apple; in use from October to Christmas.