Sleeping Beauty

Fruit, medium sized; roundish and somewhat flattened, slightly angular on the sides, and undulating round the eye; in some specimens there is an inclination to an ovate or conical shape, in which case the apex is narrow and even. Skin, pale straw-coloured, smooth and shining, occasionally washed on one side with delicate lively red, very thinly sprinkled with minute russety dots. Eye, large, somewhat resembling that of Trumpington, with broad, flat, and incurved segments, which dove-tail, as it were, to each other, and set in a shallow, uneven, and plaited basin. Stalk, from a quarter to half an inch long, slightly fleshy, inserted in a narrow, round, and rather shallow cavity, which is tinged with green, and lined with delicate pale brown russet. Flesh, yellowish white, crisp, tender, and juicy, with a fine poignant and agreeably acid flavour.

A most excellent and very valuable apple for all culinary purposes, and particularly for sauce; it is in use from November till the end of February.

The tree is a most excellent bearer, and succeeds well in almost every situation.

This excellent apple bears such a close resemblance to Dumelow's Seedling, that at first sight it may be taken for that variety; from which, however, it is perfectly distinct, and may be distinguished by the want of the characteristic russet dots on the fruit, and the spots on the young wood of the tree. It is extensively cultivated in Lincolnshire for the supply of the Boston markets.

Small Ribston. See Margil.

Small Stalk

Fruit, medium sized, two inches and a half wide, and two inches high; roundish, slightly angular on the sides, and knobbed at the apex. Skin, dull greenish yellow, with a tinge of orange on the side next the sun, and thickly covered with reddish brown dots. Eye, small and closed, with long flat segments, and placed in an angular basin. Stalk, about an inch long, slender, inserted in a wide and rather shallow cavity. Flesh, white, tender, juicy, and well-flavoured.

A good apple for ordinary purposes, much grown about Lancaster; it is in use during September and October.

Small's Admirable

Fruit, above medium size; roundish ovate and flattened, obtusely angular on the sides. Skin, of an uniform lemon-yellow colour. Eye, small, partially open, with segments re-flexed at the tips, and set in a rather deep basin. Stamens, median; tube, funnel-shaped. Stalk, an inch long, slender. Flesh, yellowish, firm, crisp, sweet, and agreeably acid, with a delicate perfume. Cells, open, obovate; axile.

An excellent kitchen and dessert apple; in use during November and December. The tree is an immense bearer, and is well adapted for dwarf culture.

This apple was raised by Mr. F. Small, nurseryman, of Colnbrook, near Slough.

Small's Golden Pippin

Fruit, small, two inches wide, and an inch and three-quarters high; roundish and flattened, even and symmetrical in shape. Skin, clear lemon-yellow, covered with numerous speckles and traces of russet in thin patches. Eye, open, with short segments, set even with the surface. Stamens, marginal; tube, long conical, very slender. Stalk, short and stout, inserted in a shallow cavity. Flesh, yellowish, firm, crisp, and briskly flavoured. Cells, obovate; axile, closed.

A dessert apple; in use from December till January.

Raised by Mr. Small, a nurseryman, at Colnbrook, near Slough.