Smart's Prince Arthur (Lady's Finger in Kent)

Fruit, large, two inches and three-quarters wide, and three inches and a quarter high; conical, with a slight waist towards the crown, obtusely ribbed, and with ridges round the eye, quite of a Codlin shape. Skin, orange-yellow, with a greenish tinge in some parts, with broken streaks of crimson. Eye, somewhat open, with erect convergent segments, deeply set in an angular basin. Stamens, marginal or median; tube, funnel-shaped. Stalk, short, inserted all its length in a deep cavity. Flesh, yellow, firm, juicy, sweet, and of excellent flavour. Cells, obovate; abaxile.

An excellent late-keeping kitchen apple, which lasts in good condition till March. It is grown in the Kentish orchards about Maidstone.

Somerset Lasting

Fruit, large, three inches and a quarter wide, and two inches and a quarter high; oblate, irregular on the sides, and with undulating ridges round the eye. Skin, pale yellow, streaked and dotted with a little bright crimson next the sun. Eye, large and open, with short stunted segments, placed in a wide and deep basin. Stalk, short, inserted in a wide and deep cavity, which is lined with russet. Flesh, yellowish, tender, crisp, very juicy, with a poignant and somewhat harsh flavour.

A culinary apple; in use from October to February.

Sops In Wine (Sops of Wine)

Fruit, rather above medium size, two inches and three-quarters broad, and the same in height; roundish, but narrowing a little towards the eye, and slightly ribbed on the sides. Skin, covered with a delicate white bloom, which when rubbed off exhibits a smooth, shining, and varnished rich deep chestnut, almost approaching to black, on the side exposed to the sun, but on the shaded side it is of a light orange-red, and where very much shaded quite yellow, the whole strewed with minute dots. Eye, small, half open, with long, broad, and reflexed segments, placed in a round and slightly angular basin. Stamens, marginal or median; tube, conical. Stalk, half an inch long, inserted in a deep funnel-shaped cavity. Flesh, led, as if sopped in wine, tender, sweet, juicy, and pleasantly flavoured. Cells, round; axile, slit.

A very ancient English culinary and cider apple, but perhaps more singular than useful; it is in use from October to February.

The tree is vigorous and spreading, very hardy, an excellent bearer, and not subject to canker.

South Quoining

Fruit, small, two inches and a quarter wide, and two and a half high; conical, distinctly ribbed, the ridges terminating prominently round the eye. Skin, deep yellow, covered with broken crimson streaks, and overspread with crimson next the sun. Eye, small, and deeply set in a furrowed basin, with erect convergent segments. Stamens, median; tube, short conical. Stalk, slender, from half an inch to an inch long, inserted in a close and shallow cavity. Flesh, white, pleasantly acid. Cells, open, obovate; abaxile.

A Herefordshire cider apple.

Speckled Golden Reinette. See Barcelona Pearmain. Speckled Pearmain. See Barcelona Pearmain. Spice. See Herefordshire Spice. Spice Apple. See Aromatic Russet. Spice Apple. See D'Arcy Spice. Spice Apple. See Sack.