Summer Stibbert (Stubbard)

Fruit, small, conical, and Codlin-like, distinctly five-ribbed, one of the ribs occasionally very prominent. Skin, clear lemon-yellow in the shade, but covered on the side next the sun with bright crimson. Eye, small and closed, set in a puckered basin. Stalk, slender, rather deeply inserted. Flesh, very tender, with an agreeable mild acidity.

An early kitchen apple, which comes into use in the middle and end of August

This is a very popular apple in the West of England, especially in Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset.

Summer Strawberry

Fruit, rather below medium size, two and a half inches broad, and an inch and three-quarters high; oblate, even and regularly formed. Skin, smooth and shining, striped all over with yellow and blood-red stripes, except on any portion that is shaded, and there it is greenish yellow, mingled with faint red streaks. Eye, not much depressed, closed, with long, flat, connivent ments, and surrounded with plaits, set in a wide and very shallow basin. Stamens, median; tube, conical. Stalk, half an inch to three-quarters of an inch long, inserted in a round, narrow cavity, which is lined with russet. Flesh, white, tinged with yellow, soft, tender, juicy, brisk, and pleasantly flavoured. Cells, roundish elliptical; axile, open.

A dessert apple, ripe in September, but when kept long becomes dry and mealy; it is much cultivated in all the Lancashire and northern orchards of England.

Summer Thorle. See Whorle Pippin. Summer Traveller. See Margaret.

Surrey Flat-Cap

Fruit, above medium size, three inches wide, and two inches and a quarter high; oblate, even and regularly formed. Skin, of a pale bluish green, or verdigris colour, changing as it ripens to a yellowish tinge, and marked with dots and flakes of rough veiny russet on the shaded side, but deep red, which is almost obscured with rough veiny russet, on the side next the sun. Eye,. open, with broad segments, reflexed at the tips, set in a wide, shallow, and plaited basin. Stamens, marginal; tube, conical. Stalk, half an inch long, inserted in a round and deep cavity. Flesh, yellow, firm, not very juicy, but rich and sugary. Cells, roundish; axile.

A very excellent dessert apple, remarkable for its singular colour, but is rather void of acidity; it is in use from October to January.

Sussex Mother

Fruit, about medium size, two inches and a half wide, and the same in height; conical, angular on the sides, and ribbed round the eye. Skin, bright grass-green, with russet dots and pearly specks over the surface. Eye, half open, with erect convergent segments, which are divergent at the points, set in an irregular ribbed basin. Stamens, quite basal; tube, conical. Stalk, slender, about half an inch long, inserted in a small russety cavity. Flesh, very soft and tender, sweet and agreeably acid. Cells, obovate; axile.

An early dessert apple of no great merit; ripe in September. It is much grown in East Sussex, about Heathfield.

Sussex Peach. See Pomeroy.

Sussex Scarlet Pearmain. See Winter Pearmain.