Wickham's Pearmain (Week Pearmain)

Fruit, small, two inches wide, and about two inches high; Pearmain-shaped, and quite flat at the base. Skin, yellow, tinged and dotted with red, on the shaded side, but bright red on the side next the sun, and marked with patches and specks of russet round the eye. Eye, large and open, with long acuminate segments, reflexed, and set in a round, even, and plaited basin. Stalk, half an inch long, fleshy, inserted without any depression. Flesh, greenish yellow, tender, crisp, juicy, sugary, and highly flavoured.

An excellent dessert apple; in use from October to December. It was raised by a Mr. Wickham. of Week, near Winchester. In the catalogue of the London Horticultural Society it is called "Wick Pearmain." but as the name I have adopted is that by which it is best known in Hampshire, I prefer retaining it.

Wilding Bitter-Sweet

Fruit, small, two inches and a quarter wide, and the same high; ovate, ribbed, and with prominent ridges round the eye. Skin, pale yellow, tinged with green and strewed with russet dots, which have sometimes a greenish tinge. Eye, small and closed, with connivent segments, set in a narrow ribbed basin. Stamens, median; tube, short conical. Stalk, short and slender, obliquely inserted by the side of a prominent lip in a narrow shallow cavity. Flesh, white, tender, with the flavour which is known as bitter-sweet. Cells, long, obovate; abaxile.

An esteemed cider apple, used for mixing with others in Herefordshire. It has a strong resemblance to a small specimen of Keswick Codlin.

Williams' Early. See Williams' Favourite.

Williams' Favourite (Williams' Early; Williams' Red)

Fruit medium sized, two inches and a half wide, and two inches and a quarter high; conical. Skin, entirely covered with crimson, marked with broken bands of greenish yellow. Eye, small and closed, set in a wide shallow basin. Stalk, an inch long, curved, and obliquely inserted in a wide shallow depression. Flesh, white with a greenish tinge, remarkably tender, not very juicy, and with a fine balsamic aroma.

A very handsome early cooking apple of American origin; ripe in the beginning of August. This would be an excellent market apple.

Williams' Red. See Williams' Favourite. Winter Belle Bonne. See Belle Bonne.

Winter Broading. See Broad-end.

Winter Codlin

Fruit, very large, three inches and an eighth wide at the middle, and three inches and a half high; conical, generally five-sided, with prominent ribs on the sides, which extend to the apex, forming considerable ridges round the eye. Skin, smooth, yellowish green, and marked with dark dots. Eye, large and open, set in a deep and very angular basin. Stamens, basal; tube, large, wide, funnel-shaped. Stalk, half an inch long, inserted in a deep, smooth, and angular cavity. Flesh, greenish white, tender, juicy, sweet, and sub-acid. Cells, elliptical; abaxile.

A fine old culinary apple of first-rate quality; in use from September to February. It has a good deal of resemblance to Catshead.

The tree is a strong, vigorous, and healthy grower, and an excellent bearer.