Broad-End (Winter Broading; Kentish Broading; Broading)

Fruit, large, three inches and three-quarters broad, and three inches high; roundish, broadest at the base, and considerably flattened at the ends, somewhat oblate. Skin, yellowish green in the shade, but tinged with red next the sun, interspersed with a few streaks of red, and covered in some places with patches of fine russet. Eye, large and open, set in a rather deep and angular basin. Stalk, short, inserted in a deep cavity. Flesh, yellowish white, firm, crisp, rich, juicy, and with a pleasant sub-acid flavour.

An excellent culinary apple of the first quality; in use from November to Christmas.

The tree is a strong, healthy, and vigorous grower, and an excellent bearer.

Broading. See Broad-end.

Broad-Eyed Pippin

Fruit, large and oblate. Skin, greenish yellow in the shade, with faint streaks of red, and with a bright red blush, streaked with darker red, on the side exposed to the sun. Eye, large and open, like that of Blenheim Pippin, set in a wide and shallow basin. Stamens, median; tube, funnel-shaped. Stalk, half an inch long, slender, set in a rather wide and shallow cavity. Flesh, yellowish white, firm, crisp, brisk, and juicy. Cells, obovate; axile, open.

An excellent culinary apple, of the first size and quality; in use from September to January, but said by Forsyth to keep till May.

This is a very old English variety; it is mentioned by Ray, who makes it synonymous with Kirton or Holland Pippin.

Brockhead (Brockhead Seedling)

Fruit, below medium size, two inches and a half wide, and two and a quarter high; round, and slightly angular in outline. Skin, smooth, rich golden yellow, streaked with pale broken streaks of crimson on the side next the sun, strewed all over with russet dots, and here and there a few traces of russet. Eye, closed, with flat, convergent segments, set in a narrow and plaited basin. Stamens, marginal; tube, long, funnel-shaped. Stalk, about half an inch long, inserted in a pretty deep russety cavity. Flesh, yellow, tender, very juicy, sweet, and briskly flavoured. Cells, obovate; axile.

A pretty cooking or dessert apple; in use from November till Christmas. A Somersetshire apple.


Fruit, below medium size, two inches and a quarter wide, and two inches high; roundish and flattened, very uneven and angular on the sides, and knobbed both at the crown and the base. Skin, of a bright lemon yellow very much covered with crimson, and streaked with darker crimson, extending almost over the whole surface, but paler on the shaded side, very russety over the base. Eye, closed, with broad, flat, convergent segments, set in a deep, angular, and narrow basin. Stamens, basal; tube, short, funnel-shaped. Stalk, long and slender, set in a round deep cavity. Flesh, yellowish white, firm, crisp, very juicy, and with a grateful acidity. Cells, obovate; axile.

This is one of the best cider apples, and as a sauce apple it is unsurpassed. It keeps till February, when it is as hard and firm in the flesh as it was in October.

This is grown in the Gloucestershire and Herefordshire orchards, where it is greatly esteemed.