Fruit, small, two inches wide, and the same in height; conical. Skin, yellow in the shade, but orange, thinly mottled with red, next the sun, and considerably covered with thin brown russet. Eye, open and prominent, with reflexed segments, and placed in a very shallow basin. Stalk, short, inserted in a small, round, and shallow cavity, which is lined with rough russet. Flesh, yellowish, firm, not very juicy, but with a rich, sweet, and highly aromatic flavour.

A dessert apple of the first quality; in use from September to February. The tree is a slender grower, and never attains a great size, but is a good bearer.


Fruit, small, conical, and regularly formed. Skin, pale greenish yellow in the shade, but covered with fine, delicate, lively red, which is marked with a few streaks of deeper red on the side next the sun, and strewed with minute russety dots. Eye, small and closed, set in a shallow and plaited basin. Stalk, half an inch long, inserted in a round and shallow cavity. Flesh, greenish yellow, tender, delicate, brisk, sugary, and richly flavoured.

A valuable dessert apple of first-rate quality; in use from October to December.

Brown Kenting

Fruit, above medium size, two inches and three-quarters wide, and two inches and a half high; roundish, and slightly ribbed on the sides. Skin, greenish yellow, marked with distinct and well-defined figures, and reticulations of russet, like the Fenouillet Jaune, on the shaded side, and over the base; but green, which is almost entirely covered with a coating of smooth, thin, pale brown russet, on the side next the sun. Eye, small and closed, set in a narrow and shallow basin. Stalk, an inch long, slender and woody, inserted in a funnel-shaped cavity, which is of a green colour, and very slightly marked with russet. Flesh, yellowish, crisp, and tender, with a brisk, somewhat sugary, and pleasant aromatic flavour.

An excellent dessert apple, of first-rate quality; in use from October to Christmas, after which it becomes mealy.

Brown's Seedling

Fruit, two inches and three-quarters wide, and two and a quarter high; roundish oblate, very much of the shape of Golden Reinette, even and regular in its outline, except in the basin of the eye, where it is slightly ribbed. Skin, lemon yellow where shaded, but almost entirely covered with light crimson over three-fourths of the surface, and this again is covered with broken streaks and blotches of deeper and brighter crimson. Eye, closed, with flat and irregular segments, set in a pretty deep, angular, and plaited basin. Stamens, marginal; tube, funnel-shaped. Stalk, half an inch long, slender, deeply inserted in a round, even, russety cavity. Flesh, yellowish white, fine grained, tender, very juicy, having a pleasant acidity, without much flavour or aroma. Cells, roundish obovate; axile, closed.

A very handsome apple, excellent for culinary purposes, but of little use in the dessert except for appearance. In use during winter.

It was raised by Messrs. Brown, nurserymen, of Stamford, from whom I received it in 1874.