Cox's Pomona

Fruit, above the medium size, three inches wide, and two and a half high, sometimes large; roundish, somewhat flattened, angular on the sides, and with ridges round the eye. Skin, yellow, and very much streaked with bright crimson, and where fully exposed to the sun entirely crimson, marked with stripes and patches of dark crimson; russety in the cavity of the stalk and over the base. Eye, slightly open, with erect segments, set in a deep and angular basin. Stamens, median; tube, short, conical. Stalk, an inch long, slender, deeply hiserted. Flesh, white, tender, very juicy, and pleasantly acid. Cells, obovate; axile.

A first-rate and very handsome culinary apple; ripe in October.

This was raised by Mr. Cox, of Colnbrook Lawn, who also raised Cox's Orange Pippin.

Cray Pippin

Fruit, below medium size; conical, and angular on the sides. Skin, pale yellow, with a tinge of red next the sun. Eye, small and closed, set in an even basin. Stalk, short, and deeply inserted. Flesh, yellow, crisp, sweet, and highly flavoured.

An excellent dessert apple; ripe in October.

Crimson Quoining (Scarlet Queening; Summer Queening; Red Omening; Herefordshire Qeening)

Fruit, medium sized, two inches and a half wide, and two inches and three-quarters high; conical and angular, sometimes distinctly five-sided, widest in the middle, and narrowing to the base and the apex. Skin, dull red, streaked with darker red where exposed to the sun, and greenish yellow, with a few faint streaks of pale red, on the shaded side. Eye, open, with long, reflexed, divergent segments, set in a narrow and prominently ribbed basin. Stamens, marginal; tube, deep, funnel-shaped. Stalk, over half an inch long, inserted in a deep and angular cavity. Flesh, white, with a greenish tinge, tender, juicy, and with a pleasant, brisk flavour. Cells, roundish -obovate; axile.

A second-rate apple, suitable either for the dessert or kitchen use; in season from December till March.

Croft en Reich. See Galloway Pippin.

Croft Pearmain

Fruit, below medium size, two inches and a half wide, and the same in height; round, with blunt angles on the sides, and rather irregular in its outline. Skin, lemon yellow, closely freckled all over with specks of cinnamon-coloured russet, and large russet dots. Eye, large, and prominently set on the surface, with a small knob at the base of each segment; segments connivent, overlapping each other, broad and leaf-like. Stamens, marginal; tube, wide and conical, rather irregular. Stalk, half an inch long, deeply inserted. Flesh, white, very tender and translucent, juicy, and with a brisk flavour. Cells, elliptical; axile, closed.

A good kitchen apple; in use up till Christmas.

This is much grown in the neighbourhood of Kington, Herefordshire.

Crofton Scarlet

Fruit, medium sized; oblate, slightly angular on the sides. Skin, covered with yellowish russet, except on the side next the sun, where it is bright red, with a mixture of russet. Eye, set in a wide and shallow basin. Stalk, short, inserted in a moderately deep cavity. Flesh, firm, crisp, juicy, sugary, and richly flavoured.

A most delicious dessert apple, of first-rate quality; in use from October to December, and does not become mealy.

The Scarlet Crofton is of Irish origin.