Fruit, small, two inches and a quarter wide, by two inches high; oblate, very much like a Scarlet Nonpareil in shape. Skin, entirely covered with russet. Eye, closed, with broad erect segments, which are spreading at the tips, and set in a shallow plaited basin. Stamens, median; tube, funnel-shaped. Flesh, greenish, firm, crisp, very juicy, with a pleasant, but not a high flavour. Cells, obovate; axile, closed.

A second-rate dessert apple; in use during December and January, but, like all russets, very liable to shrivel.

Dundee. See Golden Reinette.


Fruit, medium sized, two inches and three-quarters wide by two and a half high; roundish ovate, even and symmetrical in its outline. Skin, bright deep crimson where exposed to the sun, extending over two-thirds of the surface, but lemon-yellow marked with broken pale streaks of red where shaded. Eye, closed, with broad, flat, convergent segments, set in a wide plaited basin. Stamens, marginal; tube, funnel-shaped. Stalk, an inch long, slender, generally obliquely inserted by the side of a fleshy swelling in a greenish russet-lined cavity. Flesh, yellowish, tender, juicy, and of good flavour. Cells, roundish obovate; axile.

An excellent cooking apple, in use up till Christmas.

I received this from Mr. L. Killick, of Langley, near Maidstone.

Dutch Codlin (Chalmers' Large; Glory of the West)

Fnrit, very large, irregularly conical or oblong, with a contraction or waist near the eye, and prominent ribs extending from the base to the eye. Skin, pale greenish yellow, slightly tinged with orange, or pale red next the sun. Stalk, an inch long, set in an angular cavity, and thick. Eye, small, and closed, with erect segments, set in a deep angular basin. Stamens, marginal; tube, conical. Flesh, white, firm, pleasantly sub-acid.

A good bearer, and one of the best kitchen apples. August to September.

Dutch Mignonne (Christ's Golden Reinette; Copmanthorpe Crab; Reinette de Caux; Stettin Pippin)

Fruit, rather large; roundish, and handsome, narrowing a little towards the eye, where it is sometimes slightly ribbed. Skin, dull greenish yellow, marked all over with broken streaks of pale red and crimson, with traces of russet, and numerous russety dots, which are thickest round the eye. Eye, small and closed, with short and pointed segments, placed in a deep and narrow basin. Stamens, marginal; tube, conical. Stalk, an inch long, inserted in a round and deep cavity, which, with a portion of the base, is lined with rough russet. Flesh, yellow, firm, crisp, very juicy, rich, sweet, and aromatic. Cells, open, obovate; axile.

A very valuable and delicious dessert apple; in use from December to April.

The tree is hardy, a vigorous grower, and a very abundant bearer.

It attains about the middle size when fully grown. The shoots are thickly set with fruit spurs. It is well adapted for dwarf or espalier training, and for these purposes succeeds well on the paradise stock.