Fish's Pippin

Fruit, small, two inches and an eighth wide, and under two inches high; round, even, and regular, without any ribs or undulations. Skin, greenish yellow, dotted with large russet freckles, and here and there sprinkled with small russet patches; on the side next the sun it is coloured with broken stripes of dull crimson, a few of which are to be found on the shaded side, but of a paler colour. Eye, open, small, with quite reflexed, spreading segments, set in a shallow, saucer-like, and very even basin. Stamens, median; tube, funnel-shaped. Stalk, very short, obliquely inserted, and with a large fleshy swelling on one side, which pushes it to a right angle of the axis. Flesh, greenish, firm, briskly flavoured, but with little character or flavour. Cells, roundish elliptical; axile.

A second-rate apple; in use from November till January.

Five-crowned Pippin. See London Pippin.

Flanders Pippin

Fruit, medium sized, three inches wide, and two and a quarter high; oblate, and marked on the sides with ten distinct angles, five of which are more prominent than the others. Skin, pale green, changing to pale greenish yellow as it ripens, and occasionally tinged with a cloud of thin dull red on the side exposed to the sun, and thinly strewed with a few dots. Sometimes in favourable soils the whole of the side exposed to the sun is red. Eye, closed, with long and downy segments, short and stout, set in a narrow and ribbed basin. Stamens, median; tube, conical. Stalk, inserted in a deep ribbed cavity, which is sometimes lined with russet. Flesh, white, tender, and juicy, and briskly flavoured, with a pleasant perfume. Cells, obovate; abaxile.

A culinary apple of second-rate quality; in use during October and November.

It is much grown in the Berkshire orchards.

Flanders Pippin. See Mére de Ménage.

Flat Nonpareil

Fruit, small, two inches wide, and an inch and a half high; round, even, and regular in its outline. Skin, smooth, greenish yellow, dotted with large russet dots. Eye, small, and open, with broad, short, recurved segments, set in a shallow flat basin. Stamens, marginal; tube, conical. Stalk, very short, inserted in a shallow cavity. Flesh, with a greenish tinge, very tender, crisp, and juicy, but not highly flavoured. Cells, ovate; axile, closed.

A second-rate dessert apple, which keeps till after Christmas.

Flower Of Herts

Fruit, medium size, three inches wide, and two inches and three-quarters high; roundish ovate, even in its outline. Skin, light pea-green, thinly covered with short broken streaks of pale crimson. Eye, closed, with broad, flat, erect segments, set in a shallow plaited basin. Stamens, median; tube, conical. Stalk, short and slender, half an inch long, inserted in a wide cavity. Flesh, greenish white, very tender and soft, not very juicy, and with a delicate subacid flavour. Cells, roundish ovate; axile.

A second-rate kitchen apple; in use during November and December.