Fruit, large, somewhat oval, widest towards the apex, and narrowing a little towards the stalk, marked with a narrow and rather deep suture. Skin, covered with very fine down, sometimes almost smooth, of a deep golden yellow when ripe, mottled with reddish orange, and strewed with dark red dots. Flesh, tender, juicy, perfumed, and with a slight musky flavour, separating from the pervious stone. Kernel, bitter.

A very early apricot; ripe in the middle of July.

This was raised by M. Desfarges of St. Cyr, near Lyons, and M. Mas says it is invaluable for market.

De Saluce

A large variety of the Peach Apricot.

De Syrie. See Kaisha. Du Clos. See Luizet. Dunmore. See Moorpark.


A large variety, raised from the Peach Apricot, a fortnight later in ripening than its parent.

Early Moorpark

Fruit, roundish, inclining to oval, with a very deep suture on one side extending from the base to the apex. Skin, yellow, mottled and dotted with crimson on the exposed side. Flesh, in all respects resembling that of the Moorpark. Stone, oblong, with a covered channel along the back, which is pervious. Kernel, bitter.

This ripens three weeks before the Moorpark, and is a first-rate variety.

Early Orange. See Orange.

Early Red Masculine. See Red Masculine.

Frogmore Early

Fruit, small, two inches wide, and an inch and three-quarters high; roundish, and very frequently oblate, much depressed at the crown, from which issues a deep suture, extending the whole length of the fruit into the stalk cavity. Skin, pale yellow on the shaded side, and deep yellow where exposed to the sun, frequently with a blotched dark crimson cheek, which is mottled with darker crimson. Flesh, deep orange, tender, melting, very juicy, and richly flavoured. Stone, with a perforated channel. Kernel, bitter.

This excellent early apricot ripens on a wall from the 9th of July successionally till the 20th. It is three weeks earlier than Moorpark.

It was raised at the Royal Gardens, Frogmore, between the Royal and the Large Early apricots; and Mr. Jones, the Royal Gardener, sent it to me quite ripe on the 20th July, 1875.

Frühe Muscateller. See Bed Masculine.

Gloire De PourtalÈS

This is very similar to Canino Grosso; is a bad bearer, and not worth cultivating.

Golden Drop

Fruit, small, about the size of the Orange Apricot. Skin, bright orange, with streaks of red on the exposed side. Flesh, melting and juicy, with a rich flavour somewhat resembling a pine-apple.

An excellent early apricot, ripe in the middle of July. The tree is very tender.

This was raised by Mr. Rivers of Sawbridgeworth, from Musch-Musch.

Gros d'Alexandrie. See Large Early. Gros Commun. See Roman. Gros Pêche. See Peach. Gros Précoce. See Large Early. Gros Rouge. See Large Red. Grosse Frühe. See Large Early. Hasselnussmandel. See Breda.