Large, oval, and slightly compressed. Skin, dull yellow, tinged with red where exposed. Suture, shallow. Flesh, pale orange, firm, juicy, rich, and vinous, separating from the stone. Stone, large and oval, impervious. Kernel, bitter.

An excellent apricot, and little inferior to the Moorpark. Ripe in the beginning of August.

Royal George. See Orange. Royal Orange. See Orange. Royal Peach. See Peach. Royal Persian. See Orange.

Sardinian (De Sanlaigne)

This is a small early apricot, not much larger than the Red Masculine, but equally as early, and much superior in flavour to it. The skin is white, but where exposed to the sun it is spotted with a few crimson spots, and sometimes has a flush of red. The fruit has a deep suture on one side. The flesh is very juicy, with a sprightly sweet flavour, which is very agreeable. The stone is very small, not more than half an inch long, with a covered channel, which is pervious. Kernel, bitter.

The tree is a great bearer, and ripens its fruit as early as the Red Masculine.

ST. Ambroise

This is a large, early apricot, almost the size of, and earlier than the Moorpark. It is compressed, of a deep yellow colour, reddish next the sun. Flesh, juicy, rich, and sugary.

Ripe in the middle of August, and the most prolific apricot in cultivation.

De St. Jean. See Large Early.

Shipley's (Blenheim)

Large, oval. Skin, deep yellow. Flesh, yellow, tolerably rich and juicy. Stone, roundish and impervious. Kernel, bitter. Very productive and early, but not so rich as the Moorpark.

Ripe in the end of July and beginning of August.

It was raised by Miss Shipley, the daughter of a former gardener to the Duke of Marlborough, at Blenheim.

Sudlow's Moorpark. See Moorpark.

Tardive D'Orleans

This is a late variety, ripening a fortnight after the Moorpark, but the tree is a bad bearer.

Temple's. See Moorpark. Transparent. See Roman.

Triomphe De Bussler

A variety of Peach Apricot which is rather later than its parent.


Medium size, nearly round, not compressed. Skin, deep yellow; brownish orange next the sun, and spotted. Flesh, pale yellow, firm, juicy, sweet, and pleasantly sub-acid, separating from the stone. Stone, large, rugged, and impervious. Kernel, sweet.

Ripe in the middle of August.


This is an early variety of the Peach Apricot, with rich, juicy flesh. The tree is hardy.

Violet. See Angoumois.

Walton Moorpark. See Moorpark.

White Masculine (Abricot Blanc; Abricot PÍche of Duhamel)

Fruit, small, round, and somewhat compressed at both ends. Skin, covered with a fine white down; pale yellow, tinged with brownish red next the sun, and dull white in the shade. Flesh, pale yellow, adhering in some degree to the stone; fine and delicate, juicy, sugary, and excellent. Kernel, bitter.

Ripe in the end of July.

The tree is of small growth, and very tender; very similar in all its parts to the Red Masculine. It is rarely cultivated, except for its earli-ness; and as there are other varieties of superior excellence possessing the same recommendation, the White Masculine is now seldom met with.

De Wirtemberg. See Peach.